Sijovy is a leader in the shrink packaging industry. Our core expertise focuses on high quality printed shrink labels and sleeves. The quality of our rotogravure printing and our outstanding customer service are widely recognized and have attracted a large client base in such diverse business segments such as the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and consumer goods packaging industries, as well as many others.


Our success is based on the importance we put on client service. We build strong and durable relations with our clients, based on trust, respect, and careful attention to their needs.

Sijovy believes that team spirit and a pleasant work environment brings out the best in our employees, we care about the well-being and quality of life of all whom we employ and partner with us.

Attention to quality

Our attention to quality can be seen at all levels of our company: in our outstanding customer service, in the knowledge and know-how of our staff, in the quality of our products, and in the care we bring to executing each packaging project. Our rotogravure printing process delivers images of exceptional quality, and our distribution chain ensures that your project will be carried out in the shortest time possible.

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